How custom tattoos work

So I did a tattoo for one of my lovely regulars Sarah Jane this week. I really enjoyed doing it and I thought it was a great way to show how a custom design is put together.

So Sarah asked me to design a piece for her rat rupert and sent me a load of photos over. Obviously this photo jumped out as the one I had to use as reference.

Yes he really does have a party hat on 🙂

So after a few rough drafts I come to the design I thought worked and decided to paint this one up. Now not all designs I draw for tattoos get to this stage as most will be my final line drawings. However, I took a fancy to this piece and decided to paint it up as I had a bit of time spare.


Then it was just a case of actually tattooing it, which is always the best bit.

So thats how you go about getting a custom piece, its all about getting the correct reference, working with the customer and getting a one off piece.  If you would like to get a custom piece you need to contact the studio, then after we have discussed your design, collected your reference and taken a deposit and booked you in. We can get started on getting you a custom tattoo.

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