Back open next Wednesday 2nd December

We are back open next Wednesday 2nd December at 11am. I have rearranged all my appointments so if you haven’t heard off me please get in touch I am now taking bookings again. Please drop me a message or pop into the studio to book

Can’t wait to see you soon 👍👍👍

Open Wednesday 2nd December

We will reopen at Keep the faith tattoo on Wednesday after the latest lockdown. And we will now only be closing if there is a further national lockdown as the tier system does not apply to us which is amazing news

I will be in touch with everyone over the next few days

If you would like to book a new tattoo or buy a gift voucher you can drop me an email or drop in from next Wednesday


Can’t even shout, can’t even cry / The gentlemen are coming by / Looking in windows, knocking on doors / They need to take seven and they might take yours / Can’t call to mom, Can’t say a word / You’re gonna die a-screaming but you won’t be heard. Proper enjoyed doing this gentlemen from the hush episode of buffy with a hellraiser slant . . . . #thegentlemen #hush #buffy #buffythevampireslayer #buffytattoo #btvs #hellraiser #mrpointy #buffybaddies #gentlemen @buffytvs @sarahmgellar @alysonhannigan Sponsored by@oliverstattoobutter

St peregrine patron saint of cancer sufferers

@Regrann from @sharroncaudilltattoo – St. Peregrine is the Patron Saint of Cancer Patients. St. Peregrine was known for his holiness but also for a miraculous healing that he received.⠀

The power of prayer can bring hope, comfort and focus. ⠀

I was honoured to do this tattoo.⠀

To all who are suffering with this horrible disease. Stay strong and have hope.⠀

#stperegrine #powerofprayer⠀
#pma #PositiveEnergy #positivemindset #positivethinking #staystrong #fightcancer –

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New merch coming soon

So working on a range of tshirts and accessories doing a couple of different things.
Do we like this tote bag it has a black glitter print?
Might do a give away for this over the weekend.
#promotion #totebag #cricut #tudorrose #sacred #sharroncaudill #sharroncaudilltattooist –

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