My Working Hours

Please note that I work differing hours due to being a working mum if you are looking to catch me in the studio please feel free to drop me a quick message to check ill be in. I am in most days at some point . So if you need to speak to me about a tattoo you can arrange a free consultation so if you email me we can organise a time for you to come in and chat.

Bio & Studio

After years of working my way through the entertainment retail business I fell into after university, some administrators decided my future would be best served creating big, bold and colourful tattoos on people.

So, in 2007, finally putting my bachelor’s degree in 3D design and a HND in Design to good use I completed my tattoo apprenticeship with Adam Caudill. I now put my extensive design background to work creating award winning bespoke tattoo designs and artwork.

I am now the owner and resident artist at Keep The Faith Tattoo, Queens Drive, Liverpool, Merseyside,UK. After working for 10 years in Northern Soul Tattoo.

So, if you have ideas whether it is a doodle on a bit of paper or just an idea in your head, bring it into the studio as that’s a great jumping off point to getting you a design drawn up that you want. All tattoo consultations are free.

I welcome all work from traditional flash designs as well as custom work. If you would like to get some work from me, I work on an appointment basis so I will take a deposit and get you booked in for your tattoo.

We pride ourselves on our clean and friendly award winning studio at Keep The Faith Tattoo. We are fully registered and licensed with Liverpool Health Authority. We use a vacuum autoclave sterilisation process and use single use needles. I am more than happy to show customers our sterilisation process when you come in to see us.