Custom Pet Portraits

408606B3-44C8-459B-A46D-0276A32E2471I am now taking orders for pet portraits so if you would like a stylised portrait of your dog, cat, rat or tortoise you can contact me via email



Owls owls owls O rly!

So I was asked by a lovely customer if I could design her an owl for her foot so I went a bit crazy and did these!

Then she picked one and I got to tattoo it! Go angry clockwork owl! Proper enjoyed doing this!


How custom tattoos work

So I did a tattoo for one of my lovely regulars Sarah Jane this week. I really enjoyed doing it and I thought it was a great way to show how a custom design is put together.

So Sarah asked me to design a piece for her rat rupert and sent me a load of photos over. Obviously this photo jumped out as the one I had to use as reference.

Yes he really does have a party hat on 🙂

So after a few rough drafts I come to the design I thought worked and decided to paint this one up. Now not all designs I draw for tattoos get to this stage as most will be my final line drawings. However, I took a fancy to this piece and decided to paint it up as I had a bit of time spare.


Then it was just a case of actually tattooing it, which is always the best bit.

So thats how you go about getting a custom piece, its all about getting the correct reference, working with the customer and getting a one off piece.  If you would like to get a custom piece you need to contact the studio, then after we have discussed your design, collected your reference and taken a deposit and booked you in. We can get started on getting you a custom tattoo.

I watched a program about DNA and how scientists are messing with it and this was the outcome!

Due to the fact that there as nothing better on telly the other night I ended up watching a program on BBC4 about DNA and how they are experimenting with it. This included how they has found the individual gene for developing the eye. So they then got the eye gene from a red eyed mouse and injected it into the embryo of a fruit fly. The outcome was terrifying.

This fruit fly has 8 red eyes all over its body some fly shaped eyes, some mouse eyes. IT COULD SEE OUT OF ALL OF THEM.

So with that in mind I painted this. Its 6″x4″ in acrylic and is available for sale or trade. Enjoy!

Rupert the Rat and his party hat!

One of my lovely regulars Sarah, asked me if I could do a tattoo of her rat Rupert in a rose. So after looking through a load of photos I kept coming back to the one where he actually had a party hat on. It was shouting out to be used so I completed the painting for her and here it is.