We are getting involved with Tattooers for Japan and Ink for Aid – Raising money for Japan!

Tattooers for Japan


Due to the terrible scenes we have all been witnessing in Japan and the fact that all tattooists owe a great debt to Japan for their history in tattooing. We are proud to announce we will be participating in the Tattooers for Japan fund raising event that is happening around the world in the next few weeks.

So on Sunday 3rd April, we will be opening our doors for a one off walk in day of tattooing with ALL proceeds being given to the Japanese Diaster Fund.

We will be open 11am – 5pm, it will be on a first come first served basis, there will be a selection of Japanese themed designs to choose from (these designs will be posted up in the next week or so). There will be a variety of designs and prices.

We will not be tattooing any torsos, upper inner arm or lower backs as they take a liitle longer to do and we want to get as many tattoos in as we can so it will be pretty much arms, legs and the odd foot here and there.

We hope you will all come and get involved for what is a very good cause and you get a tattoo for helping out! How can you say no to that!

We will update you as the date gets closer. For more info of what is happening around the world go to




Ink for Aid

We are also donating some paintings to the Ink for Aid fund raiser in Leeds. This is a great idea of gettings some artwork together and auctioning it off for the charity. For more information please go to


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