The Roses Just Keep Coming…

My lovely customer who finally got her rib and thigh rose piece has decided to continue it on up her back and carry on down her leg so we got the back piece finished this week.

I cant wait to carry this one on. Here is a photo of the back part of the roses.

A massive thank you to Josie and Nicole from Central Tattoo Supplies for helping us on our Tattooers for Japan fund raising day this Sunday!

We had a lovely surprise today from Josie and Nicole from Central Tattoo Supplies. They have donated a load of supplies to us for our Walk In Charity this Sunday. These will be a big help in getting more people tattooed on the day.

Remember that we will be tattooing a selection of Japanese inspired designs for a range of prices and ALL money raised will go to the Tattooers for Japan fund to help the victims of the Japanese Tsunami Disaster.

So come down and get involved.

We are getting involved with Tattooers for Japan and Ink for Aid – Raising money for Japan!

Tattooers for Japan


Due to the terrible scenes we have all been witnessing in Japan and the fact that all tattooists owe a great debt to Japan for their history in tattooing. We are proud to announce we will be participating in the Tattooers for Japan fund raising event that is happening around the world in the next few weeks.

So on Sunday 3rd April, we will be opening our doors for a one off walk in day of tattooing with ALL proceeds being given to the Japanese Diaster Fund.

We will be open 11am – 5pm, it will be on a first come first served basis, there will be a selection of Japanese themed designs to choose from (these designs will be posted up in the next week or so). There will be a variety of designs and prices.

We will not be tattooing any torsos, upper inner arm or lower backs as they take a liitle longer to do and we want to get as many tattoos in as we can so it will be pretty much arms, legs and the odd foot here and there.

We hope you will all come and get involved for what is a very good cause and you get a tattoo for helping out! How can you say no to that!

We will update you as the date gets closer. For more info of what is happening around the world go to



Ink for Aid

We are also donating some paintings to the Ink for Aid fund raiser in Leeds. This is a great idea of gettings some artwork together and auctioning it off for the charity. For more information please go to

Newest addition to the Metallica Tattoo Project!

So its been a while as this last one has been over a couple of sittings. This piece is a design from an old tour tshirt and has been modified to fill the lower arm around the some kind of monster piece. The amount of line work in this piece was bordering on the ridiculous at times, lines lines everywhere. Next addition will hopefully be at Liverpool Tattoo Convention, so if you are going come over and have a look!

Time to say goodbye to that tiger, dragon and all its tribal friends!

This week I have started my biggest cover up challenge to date. The design required some careful planning of placement so after lots of re-draws I finally got the design ready

Then after the first session we are now at this stage and I am looking forward to getting started on the colour next month.

Its going to end up a full sleeve with a selection of Japanese gold fish swimming around the lower arm. I will post updates as the sessions progress.

Manchester Tattoo Convention – This Weekend!!

I have just picked up our new convention banners and stickers in preparation for Manchester Tattoo Show this weekend! Here are some lovely photos of us showing them off for your viewing pleasure.

I am looking forward to working on some really nice pieces this weekend. I do not have any free spaces left however if you are coming to the show please feel free to drop by the booth and come say hi!  There will be stickers and possibly sweets if you are lucky!

While I am on the subject of conventions. Due to the fact that Everton cant muster the energy to beat Reading I will no longer be dreaming of another trip to Wembley. I am now taking bookings for the whole weekend of Liverpool Tattoo Convention. If you would like a piece from me please email me through the contact page and I will get in touch!

Trio Project, Manchester Tattoo Convention and Days Off this week.

I managed to start painting out my Alkaline Trio flash sheet last night. Below is the progress I made, with out the use of a full set of paint brushes, due to me leaving them in the studio over the weekend. Looking forward to getting it all finished!

I will be out of the studio Friday and Saturday as I am working Manchester Tattoo Convention over the weekend. Check out the link and if you are attending drop by the booth and say hi.

Last of the designs for the Alkaline Trio Flash Sheet Project complete!

I finally have got some time to finish my last design for the Alkaline Trio project I have been working on. This is from the song Goodbye Forever. I have finished inking out the watercolour sheet and have some cool little fillers to fill out the sheet. Due to the fact that I am very absent minded by 6pm on a Saturday evening I have managed to forget to bring home my pens and brushes so I cant get on with any of the painting tonight.  Looking forward to finishing it all off and starting on a few new things I have in the pipe line.