Cover up tattoos specialist in Liverpool

‪#‎throwbackthursday‬ choice this week is inspired by the fact everyone is watching‪#‎tattoofixers‬ most of my work is‪#‎coveruptattoo‬ and this is still one of my favourites. If you need something fixing or disappeared then message me. I have a whole photo section on cover ups in the menu go take a look


2 thoughts on “Cover up tattoos specialist in Liverpool

  1. Hi
    Iv recently been to get a tattoo cover up and unfortunately due to my old tattoo although it’s small it’s a little raised in areas and due to the tattoo I want they didn’t feel they would be able to do it. I’m just wondering if there was possibly anything you could do with it with you specialising in cover ups? It’s at the bottom of my back and the old tattoo is 4 stars 2 of which are blue and these are the slightly raised ones, the new tattoo is a hamsa hand with a elephant incorporated in it, any advice or maybe if I can call in and see you would be appreciated.
    Thanks you becka

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