Back to the grind stone!

Well I’m back from my break and I had a brilliant time in Scarborough, Whitby and York


I could have stayed in York minister for days so much beautiful stuff in there between that and dracula hunting in whitby abbey I’m all about the gothic and am inspired to do some designs around this in the future
So not much tattooing to report in this week’s update apart from this lovely little piece I did on my customers ribs by his armpit how he sat so still is beyond me bless him


Alkaline Trio starts my holiday


From 5pm today (9th July)I will be officially on holiday until I return to work on Tuesday 14th July. I will be answering all emails and messages this morning then will not be checking them until Tuesday in a vain attempt at a break haha.
So to start off my holidays I’m off to see the ever marvellous alkaline trio tonight in Liverpool. So here is my favourite trio tattoo I have done.
See you in the other side have a great weekend everyone.

Cupcake Cover Up

Cupcake cover up tattoo

I finally got to cover this piece up after a discussion about it a good while back but the lovely Charlie was born in the meantime so we finally covered it up with a celebration cup cake for him! 


Custom Pet Portraits

408606B3-44C8-459B-A46D-0276A32E2471I am now taking orders for pet portraits so if you would like a stylised portrait of your dog, cat, rat or tortoise you can contact me via email



Female Tattoo Show 2013


Im very pleased to announce I will be working the Female Tattoo Show in Leamington Spa, Sunday 25th August 2013. I love this show and always look forward to it. I have space so if you would like something done there please get in touch or 0151 345 4285