Alkaline Trio Inspired Day of Tattoo Machines and Paintings!

So today I received a tattoo machine I had custom built by Andy Dykes from Timeless Tradition Tattoo. I have always wanted an Alkaline Trio themed machine and so when Andy had made Adam a custom Hulk machine I knew he was the one to do this for me.

I was going to take a photo of my machine today and realised I was already a little trio top heavy when I looked at the photo I took and noticed my tattoo and tshirt in the photo

So with my day being trio themed I thought I would finally finish my Alkaline Trio flash sheet. Prints of this will be available to buy for £10. If you would like a copy please contact me via email.

Alkaline Trio Sheet by Sharron Caudill @Northern Soul Tattoo

Alkaline Trio Sheet by Sharron Caudill @Northern Soul Tattoo

Trio Project, Manchester Tattoo Convention and Days Off this week.

I managed to start painting out my Alkaline Trio flash sheet last night. Below is the progress I made, with out the use of a full set of paint brushes, due to me leaving them in the studio over the weekend. Looking forward to getting it all finished!

I will be out of the studio Friday and Saturday as I am working Manchester Tattoo Convention over the weekend. Check out the link and if you are attending drop by the booth and say hi.