Newest addition to the Metallica Tattoo Project!

So its been a while as this last one has been over a couple of sittings. This piece is a design from an old tour tshirt and has been modified to fill the lower arm around the some kind of monster piece. The amount of line work in this piece was bordering on the ridiculous at times, lines lines everywhere. Next addition will hopefully be at Liverpool Tattoo Convention, so if you are going come over and have a look!

Metallica Project

Last summer a guy called Peter walked in the studio and asked for a metallica tattoo, 8 months later the Metallica tattoo collection is going strong. These are just a few examples of the tattoos he has now. The pushead designs are really nice to tattoo. You should check out pusheads artwork it is very good.

So enjoy the tattoos and Ill keep this updated for new tattoos

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