So a guy walks into the studio looking to get a cover up ……

Today I finished up a sleeve which consisted of covering up tribal, a tiger and a dragon. This was easiest the biggest cover up I have done so it was nice to let the design breathe a little more on the bottom of the arm with the addition of some goldfish and a ranchu.

There are photos of the cover up in progress on the cover up page if you would like to see what was there before.

Time to say goodbye to that tiger, dragon and all its tribal friends!

This week I have started my biggest cover up challenge to date. The design required some careful planning of placement so after lots of re-draws I finally got the design ready

Then after the first session we are now at this stage and I am looking forward to getting started on the colour next month.

Its going to end up a full sleeve with a selection of Japanese gold fish swimming around the lower arm. I will post updates as the sessions progress.