Tattoo Convention Update

We still have the following conventions that we are attending this year with possibly a couple more to add.


Liverpool Tattoo Convention – Adelphi Hotel – 14th/15th May

Adam still has a space available for this so please contact us ASAP if you would like a tattoo there


Tattoo Jam – Doncaster Race Course – 6th/7th August

We are now taking bookings for this convention so please get in touch


Uk’s 1st Annual Female Tattoo Artist Show – The Assembly, Leamington Spa – 9th Oct

I have  filled all my space for this one.

Tattoo Jam 2011 – Now taking bookings!

As you can see on the Tattoo Jam website, both myself and Adam are working this convention in August. I am now taking bookings so if you would like to get a tattoo please contact me via the website or the studio.  There are some amazing artists working at the show and  I am looking forward to it.  Its at the Doncaster Race Course and is August 6th and 7th.

Just to note I am pretty much now booked up for Liverpool however Adam still has a space or two available. Contact the studio if you would like a tattoo from him.

So thats the first Tattoo Convention of the year in the bag!

So I am back from the Manchester Tattoo Convention and a great weekend was had by all.  The 10th anniversary year was shaping up to be a good one and it didn’t disappoint.  The atmosphere was the best it has been in years, chilled and relaxed with everyone enjoying themselves and chatting to each other.

Here are some photos from the weekend for you to see.  Thank you to Zoe, Mary, Kelly, Kelly and Kaite

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Manchester Tattoo Convention – This Weekend!!

I have just picked up our new convention banners and stickers in preparation for Manchester Tattoo Show this weekend! Here are some lovely photos of us showing them off for your viewing pleasure.

I am looking forward to working on some really nice pieces this weekend. I do not have any free spaces left however if you are coming to the show please feel free to drop by the booth and come say hi!  There will be stickers and possibly sweets if you are lucky!

While I am on the subject of conventions. Due to the fact that Everton cant muster the energy to beat Reading I will no longer be dreaming of another trip to Wembley. I am now taking bookings for the whole weekend of Liverpool Tattoo Convention. If you would like a piece from me please email me through the contact page and I will get in touch!

Trio Project, Manchester Tattoo Convention and Days Off this week.

I managed to start painting out my Alkaline Trio flash sheet last night. Below is the progress I made, with out the use of a full set of paint brushes, due to me leaving them in the studio over the weekend. Looking forward to getting it all finished!

I will be out of the studio Friday and Saturday as I am working Manchester Tattoo Convention over the weekend. Check out the link and if you are attending drop by the booth and say hi.

Days off, appointments and Convention News

I will not be in the studio on Saturday 29th January as I am having a day off. The studio is open as usual so you can book in for an appointment if you dont need to discuss your tattoo with me.

Studio appointments are being taken, can my regulars note that I now work Thursdays if you would like an appointment please get in touch!

My weekend slots are filling up quickly so if you are after any work doing at the weekends contact me so I can get you booked in.

I am now fully booked for Manchester Tattoo Convention. I am now taking bookings for Liverpool Tattoo Convention in the Adelphi Hotel May 14th/15th! If you would like something there please let me know!