Some of my tattoos healed

I have been trying to get some photos of my work after it has healed so you can see the actual finished tattoo. These photos will be straight from the camera so you can see it as is. I will update this regularly as and when I get customers in. So with that in mind here is a couple for you to look at.


Ink For Aid – Submissions sent

We have submitted two painting that will be up for auction as part of the Ink for Aid fund raising event in Leeds. Please click the link for more details, there will be a selection of art from the tattoo industry which will be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to the Japanese Disaster Fund. There will also be a number of artists tattooing on the day.

If you are in the Yorkshire area go check it out and get involved as its all for a good cause.

Time to say goodbye to that tiger, dragon and all its tribal friends!

This week I have started my biggest cover up challenge to date. The design required some careful planning of placement so after lots of re-draws I finally got the design ready

Then after the first session we are now at this stage and I am looking forward to getting started on the colour next month.

Its going to end up a full sleeve with a selection of Japanese gold fish swimming around the lower arm. I will post updates as the sessions progress.

Manchester Tattoo Convention – This Weekend!!

I have just picked up our new convention banners and stickers in preparation for Manchester Tattoo Show this weekend! Here are some lovely photos of us showing them off for your viewing pleasure.

I am looking forward to working on some really nice pieces this weekend. I do not have any free spaces left however if you are coming to the show please feel free to drop by the booth and come say hi!  There will be stickers and possibly sweets if you are lucky!

While I am on the subject of conventions. Due to the fact that Everton cant muster the energy to beat Reading I will no longer be dreaming of another trip to Wembley. I am now taking bookings for the whole weekend of Liverpool Tattoo Convention. If you would like a piece from me please email me through the contact page and I will get in touch!

Some old and new additions to my tattoo album now I have been through the memory card!

After going through my photo memory cards and finally organising my photos I found a photo of a peony flower as a shoulder cap on a sleeve which I completely forgot I had a photo of. So here it is for your viewing pleasure!

I finished a piece of flash today, I redrew the piece to make it work better as a piece and was pretty enjoyable piece to do in the end. Fair play to my customer who sat like a trooper considering he was not feeling too well but wanted to get it finished.

The piece wraps around the thigh and will be getting some more background in it at a later date.

Another good day at the studio and I have managed to get most of my appointments all sorted out for the Manchester Tattoo Show. Good times!

Tattoos I have yet to finish but their time will come!

Here are a couple of tattoos I have on going at the minute. The first is a crazy combination of a Chinese warrior princess backed up by the terracotta army. This work is still ongoing but I thought I would let you see how it is coming along.

The next piece is part of a Japanese sleeve I am working on. The dragon will eventually have windbars, clouds and cherry blossom as its background and will green in colour.  I am looking forward to finishing this one too.



This is the best bit of advice you will ever need about going to get a tattoo.  I would recommend that all people who have any questions about getting a tattoo follow this link first. This will help you get a better idea of how a tattoo appointment works and the simple things that will help you get the best out of your tattoo artist and your appointment.

Between a rope and a bottle!

Last one for this evening I think. This is a very rough drawing for my Alkaline trio flash set. It will be tidied up before it is transferred to watercolour paper for painting. I have just one more to do then I can get started on the finished sheet.

Days off, appointments and Convention News

I will not be in the studio on Saturday 29th January as I am having a day off. The studio is open as usual so you can book in for an appointment if you dont need to discuss your tattoo with me.

Studio appointments are being taken, can my regulars note that I now work Thursdays if you would like an appointment please get in touch!

My weekend slots are filling up quickly so if you are after any work doing at the weekends contact me so I can get you booked in.

I am now fully booked for Manchester Tattoo Convention. I am now taking bookings for Liverpool Tattoo Convention in the Adelphi Hotel May 14th/15th! If you would like something there please let me know!