I watched a program about DNA and how scientists are messing with it and this was the outcome!

Due to the fact that there as nothing better on telly the other night I ended up watching a program on BBC4 about DNA and how they are experimenting with it. This included how they has found the individual gene for developing the eye. So they then got the eye gene from a red eyed mouse and injected it into the embryo of a fruit fly. The outcome was terrifying.

This fruit fly has 8 red eyes all over its body some fly shaped eyes, some mouse eyes. IT COULD SEE OUT OF ALL OF THEM.

So with that in mind I painted this. Its 6″x4″ in acrylic and is available for sale or trade. Enjoy!

Ink For Aid – Submissions sent

We have submitted two painting that will be up for auction as part of the Ink for Aid fund raising event in Leeds. Please click the link for more details, there will be a selection of art from the tattoo industry which will be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to the Japanese Disaster Fund. There will also be a number of artists tattooing on the day.

If you are in the Yorkshire area go check it out and get involved as its all for a good cause.

Some old and new additions to my tattoo album now I have been through the memory card!

After going through my photo memory cards and finally organising my photos I found a photo of a peony flower as a shoulder cap on a sleeve which I completely forgot I had a photo of. So here it is for your viewing pleasure!

I finished a piece of flash today, I redrew the piece to make it work better as a piece and was pretty enjoyable piece to do in the end. Fair play to my customer who sat like a trooper considering he was not feeling too well but wanted to get it finished.

The piece wraps around the thigh and will be getting some more background in it at a later date.

Another good day at the studio and I have managed to get most of my appointments all sorted out for the Manchester Tattoo Show. Good times!

And remember what happens in Vegas!

Enjoyed doing this one today, the cards are taken from the cards he bought back from Las Vegas. We were talking about Las Vegas and all the fun it entails and it only made my mind up that I will be booking us a holiday to Vegas again this year! If you haven’t been you should go as it is amazing!  I did however cause a bit of a problem for the lad as his girlfriend is now demanding to know what DID happen in Vegas….. I’m staying well clear of that one.


Between a rope and a bottle!

Last one for this evening I think. This is a very rough drawing for my Alkaline trio flash set. It will be tidied up before it is transferred to watercolour paper for painting. I have just one more to do then I can get started on the finished sheet.

New flash project

I have set myself a project to draw a load of flash designs relating to my favorite bands and songs and after a chat with Mel Noir from TattoosdayUK I have finally started to get my drawings together. I am starting with Alkaline Trio related flash. Here are the rough drawings before I transfer them to water colour paper.


Days off, appointments and Convention News

I will not be in the studio on Saturday 29th January as I am having a day off. The studio is open as usual so you can book in for an appointment if you dont need to discuss your tattoo with me.

Studio appointments are being taken, can my regulars note that I now work Thursdays if you would like an appointment please get in touch!

My weekend slots are filling up quickly so if you are after any work doing at the weekends contact me so I can get you booked in.

I am now fully booked for Manchester Tattoo Convention. I am now taking bookings for Liverpool Tattoo Convention in the Adelphi Hotel May 14th/15th! If you would like something there please let me know!