How to get a tattoo from me

If you would like a tattoo from me, this is how you can get one.

I tattoo everything from names on the wrist, to full one off back pieces so please don’t be scared to ask me for certain things as I welcome most things. Although I do reserve the right to refuse to do tattoos which I think are offensive or are wrong for the customer.

It is very difficult to quote prices on any tattoo as size and placement matter so asking over the internet or phone is pretty much impossible so the best thing to do is to come into the studio as this will enable me to give you an accurate price. Tattoos start at £30 and I charge £70 per hour for larger session work. We also have set prices on half and full day sessions please ask on booking in.

If you would like me to draw you a one off custom design I am more than happy to do this for you just drop in the studio. If it is a larger piece or a cover up you can contact me via email  with brief details of what you are after and I can arrange getting you in for a consultation at the studio so I can discuss your tattoo in detail. If you are then happy with what has been discussed  I will require a deposit  for your first sitting as designing a tattoo takes time and I need to know you are committed to getting a tattoo and I am not wasting time I could be spending on another customer.

We have thousands of designs in the studio for you to choose from, if you have reference bring that into the studio as a guide to what you are looking for. Please note, if you bring a photo of another tattoo it will not be copied as that is someone else’s work but we can use it as a great jumping off point to get you a design that is of a similar theme.

We are open 11am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. You are always welcome to the studio to have a look at designs etc.

When you have chosen your design you will need a deposit of either £20 or £50 depending on the size of your tattoo. This deposit is non-refundable and will be kept if you do not turn up for your appointment. You will have the chance to change your appointment once with a weeks notice without losing your deposit. This may sound harsh to you but if you do not turn up I do not get paid so we both lose out.

So contact me via email or the studio and bring your ideas no matter how big or small and get yourself a new tattoo. I look forward to seeing you.