Alkaline Trio Inspired Day of Tattoo Machines and Paintings!

So today I received a tattoo machine I had custom built by Andy Dykes from Timeless Tradition Tattoo. I have always wanted an Alkaline Trio themed machine and so when Andy had made Adam a custom Hulk machine I knew he was the one to do this for me.

I was going to take a photo of my machine today and realised I was already a little trio top heavy when I looked at the photo I took and noticed my tattoo and tshirt in the photo

So with my day being trio themed I thought I would finally finish my Alkaline Trio flash sheet. Prints of this will be available to buy for £10. If you would like a copy please contact me via email.

Alkaline Trio Sheet by Sharron Caudill @Northern Soul Tattoo

Alkaline Trio Sheet by Sharron Caudill @Northern Soul Tattoo

Trio Project, Manchester Tattoo Convention and Days Off this week.

I managed to start painting out my Alkaline Trio flash sheet last night. Below is the progress I made, with out the use of a full set of paint brushes, due to me leaving them in the studio over the weekend. Looking forward to getting it all finished!

I will be out of the studio Friday and Saturday as I am working Manchester Tattoo Convention over the weekend. Check out the link and if you are attending drop by the booth and say hi.

Last of the designs for the Alkaline Trio Flash Sheet Project complete!

I finally have got some time to finish my last design for the Alkaline Trio project I have been working on. This is from the song Goodbye Forever. I have finished inking out the watercolour sheet and have some cool little fillers to fill out the sheet. Due to the fact that I am very absent minded by 6pm on a Saturday evening I have managed to forget to bring home my pens and brushes so I cant get on with any of the painting tonight.  Looking forward to finishing it all off and starting on a few new things I have in the pipe line.

Between a rope and a bottle!

Last one for this evening I think. This is a very rough drawing for my Alkaline trio flash set. It will be tidied up before it is transferred to watercolour paper for painting. I have just one more to do then I can get started on the finished sheet.

New flash project

I have set myself a project to draw a load of flash designs relating to my favorite bands and songs and after a chat with Mel Noir from TattoosdayUK I have finally started to get my drawings together. I am starting with Alkaline Trio related flash. Here are the rough drawings before I transfer them to water colour paper.